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Book #1 in the Age of the Anathema Series.

Zoran is on the run.

After stealing a magical locket from the Dragon Queen in the hopes that it will get him back home to his daughter, escaping into the forest seems like a great idea until Zoran runs into a dragon. This dragon spares his life and offers to show him a quicker way back home. All she asks in return is that he takes the Queen's locket east, to a Guardian of Magic named Dioohn living on the border of Sabato.

Anxious to return to his daughter, Zoran agrees and embarks on what might be the most dangerous mission of his life.

* * *

Mysterious disappearances near the border have stifled the income from the Kalish farm. To help make ends meet, Regan leaves home in search of an apprenticeship with his father's old friend, Dioohn.

But trouble is brewing on the border of Sabato, and after encountering Dioohn, Regan uncovers a dark secret about his bloodline that sets his world on its head. A secret that, if revealed, endangers him and those he loves. A secret that will change the fate of Sabato if he does not master the magic which has chosen him.

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