Xyvah (pronounced Zee-vah) is a reader, writer, and part-time human. After writing religious literature and poetry for almost a decade, Xyvah now focuses on storytelling in the fantasy genre.

Her stories often revolve around gods, monsters, and damaged royals who petition them. She believes in consequences, but she also believes in hope, and that is the message she tries to spread through her writing.

An anime-watcher and book-lover, Xyvah exists in multiple worlds at once. She considers this to be a good thing, especially when she needs a break from her stressful part-time job of being a functioning human being. That being said, music and chocolate do a great job of getting her through the day.

  • Hobbies

    Xyvah spends most of her time building worlds, writing stories, making art, and drinking coffee.

    When she isn’t tinkering with the mechanics of another tale, she might be refuelling her magic in a pool, on the beach, or close to some other body of water. And at times like that, with her pointy ears twitching and her button nose buried in a book, if you look close enough, you just might see the shimmering veil around her… The veil between this world, and hers… Between what is, and what could be. 

  • Publishing

    Xyvah has a Master's Degree in Creative Writing and Publishing.

    Outside of being a person, and is the founder and CEO of Chartus.X Publishing, a UK-based independent publishing company, where she works with writers and affiliates to produce outstanding books and authors. She also offers independent coaching, providing information, templates, encouragement and tailored guidance on writing and publishing to aspiring and already-published authors.