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Once Upon A Time (EBOOK)

Once Upon A Time (EBOOK)


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Once Upon A Time is the second book in a series of poetry anthologies by Chartus.X Publishing. It is a stunning collection that explores the theme of fairytales from various perspectives, incorporating the theme though unique styles and voices. From princesses with suppressed voices fighting to find their strength, to castles and knights, to enchanting forests, Verse II: Once Upon A Time takes you on a journey of love, friendship and overcoming pain. This anthology is a celebration of the strength of stories when it comes to battling the wicked witches and dragons in our lives and finding solace in magic and wonder.


Shreya Shetgaonkar

Ezgi Gürhan

Deniz Ergin
Leigh Christiansen
Rachel C. Hyde
Ekene Ugbadja
Utsav Jaiswal
Tal Rejwan
Xyvah Okoye

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