Five bloodlines... three kingdoms... one law...

Long ago, magic pulsed through the very fabric of Eutopia. Now, it is a luxury enjoyed only by the Nobles of Schandrof... and those born from a mix of races.

Known as the Anathemas, these people of mixed heritage are onsidered unfit for healthy and safe societal fraternisation and are fated to die by the hand of Guardians of Magic.

Their only crime: being born.

An epic tale of love, sacrifice, and man's hostility towards the unknown.




Mysterious disappearances near the border have stifled the income from the Kalish farm. To help make ends meet, Regan leaves home in search of an apprenticeship with his father's old friend, Dioohn.

But trouble is brewing on the border of Sabato, and after encountering Dioohn, Regan uncovers a dark secret about his bloodline that sets his world on its head. A secret that, if revealed, endangers him and those he loves. A secret that will change the fate of Sabato if he does not master the magic which has chosen him.




Regan wants peace... Kayle wants freedom... Sexa wants blood.

Almost two moons have passed since the young Anathemas found sanctuary in the home of their Kuwaha. Dealing with grief and fighting to survive, Regan makes it his mission to rescue any Anathemas in Brod that have been captured for the Council by the infamous Hunter, Kievan Dragutin.When Regan gets wind of a new Anathema arrest in Brod, he is determined to rescue the prisoners, no matter the cost. But the price of their freedom is far greater than he ever imagined.



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"The stars danced through the sky, showering beautiful lights over everything. The Great Spirits watched in awe and wonder. They spun, and dipped, and dived, and swirled, until finally, they crashed into each other with a big bang!

"Out of the explosion came worlds upon worlds, some so great, they rivalled the Great Spirits themselves! The Spirits all rushed forward to claim the worlds they would rule over, each being drawn to the ones most like them. The strong picked the strong worlds, and the dark spirits picked the dark worlds. The peaceful spirits took the peaceful worlds, and the warring spirits chose those wrought with chaos.

"And when everything fell silent, and all the lights faded, in the peace and quiet of the most wonderful place, the Great Spirit, Pyxis, found Eutopia.”

- Tainted, Age of the Anathema, Book 1


    The Lepane Kingdom

    East of the continent.

    The Kingdom of Sabato includes everything from the Old Oak Tree to the Gingerdale River. The kingdom is ruled by the royal Kalish House and is divided into four territories: North, Central, South and the Aremamers Coast (commonly known as the coast).

    Current Ruler: King Tafawa of House Kalish

    People: Lepane

    Capital: Stotfod An


    The AlFhairie Kingdom

    Central Eutopia.

    From the Ruins of Retnesto to the Peaks of Penzan and the Honley Islands, the AlFhairie call these lands home. Little is known about them by the other kingdoms, save the rise of the necromancer from among them and ever-present threat of civil war. Though the daemon fanatics of the south want little to do with the Northern puritans, the two regents of House Telk and House Brinlee have found a way to keep war at bay… But for how long?

    Current Rulers: Urenai of House Telk, Ceo-Sen of House Brinlee

    People: AlFhairie

    Capital: Norham


    The Dragon Kingdom

    Eutopia West.

    Everything westward across the Garua belongs to the Droconian of Windornill. Ruled by the royal Rowanov line for centuries, the Droconian are a matriarchy. Their innate magic is the ability to shift and take dragon form, and though only those of Noble blood possess this power, Windornill has the highest number of nobles on the continent, making the queen’s dragon army a formidable force.

    Current Ruler: The Dragon Queen Worra of House Rowanov

    People: Droconian

    Capital: The Dragon’s Keep